August 10, 2020

SOP017 - Closure (Album)

A collection of nine electronica, oriented tracks produced by our duo, Shades Of Play. Downtempo, ambient soundscapes, driving rhythms and haunting vocals all come together to close out a 2019 and early 2020 on a very personal vibe. We hope you enjoy and look forward to sharing more material.



June 23rd, 2019

Ethereal Techno #007 has arrived and is ready to take you on a spherical, mind blowing journey, with a collection of 18 tracks. The album features seven new exclusive tracks, together with some recent Steyoyoke classics. Representing the Steyoyoke artists are Soul Button, Nick Devon, Clawz SG, EarthLife, Modeplex, Darko Milosevic, Dahu and JOBE, together with new additions such as, Martin Dubiansky, DJ AroZe & Biskuwi, Faraday, Tal Fussman & Cruxz, Bonsai & Shades Of Play and Raphael Mader.


May 31st, 2019

Based out of Washington D.C, Shades Of Play is a duo comprised of long time friends & label owners , Felipe Rivera & Derek Tucker.

Having met upon a chance encounter in 2011 they soon began collaborating on various style projects working dilligently to refine their sound. Their most recent notable release 'Hybrid Theories', reaching #1on Traxsource's Top 100 Techno Charts.

'Seppuku EP' is a natural progression of our sound, we are both deeply introspective people and have dealt with tons of trauma in our lives and we have always struggled to try and encompass that in our music, with 'Seppuku' it was as if all the parts and things we had learned both in life and our craft came together. The tracks themselves are moody, melancholic with a touch of 80's and deep sounds. - Felipe & Derek

The lead track, ‘ Dupont Circle ‘ touches on the subject of inner battles, anxiety, alcoholism and drug use. One of my biggest struggles in life has been the constant feeling of emptiness, and seeking to fit in or being accepted. Throughout different points in my life I turned to alcohol and other substances to help me cope and try to better understand who I thought I needed to be. I still struggle with some of these internal questions but I no longer feel the need to use anything to make up for them. – Felipe

Life is about balance and balance helps us to keep control, ‘Minds Eye’, touches on the subject of depression and suicide. Suicide is a major public health problem and a leading cause of death around the globe. The effects of suicide go beyond the person who acts on this feeling; it has lasting effects on families, friends and communities. 
‘There was a belt around her neck and she was purple, all I could think is if I had been a minute later she would be gone, I should’ve listened closer, I knew they were battling internally…I made sure to get her help but I will never forget this moment. – 

Shades Of Play - Rue Meslay ( Steyoyoke )


June 23rd, 2023

Continuing its tradition of innovation, Steyoyoke has compiled a new compilation series fittingly titled "Paradigm". This unique collection incorporates tracks not only from the Steyoyoke artists, but also from a selection of other quality newcomers such as Bonsai, Shades Of Play, HIGHLITE, Stephan Jolk, DJ AroZe, MERMiT, Matias Larrosa, Martin Gardoqui and Mario Puccio. This 16-track compilation will be an essential addition to your #Ethereal Techno collection, offering 6 brand new original tracks. "Paradigm Vol. 5", dance floor sensations genuinely selected by Steyoyoke.


August 10th,2018

A very special twelfth release from our end to yours as we team up with longtime friend and fellow artist - Jay Hill (Superfreq, King Street) for a driving, journey filled package. The release throws you right into the mix of things with the lead cut 'Hybrid Theories' while keeping the journey going with the following cuts. We hope you enjoy.


April 10th, 2018

Label residents YdentitiCrisis & Derreuq return to the imprint with a mezmerizing single entitled 'Revelations' with the vocal talents of Full Blush. Recently they played an event Frederick, Maryland in which they met Electronic artist, Full Blush.The energy was just right that night and as a result collaboration unfolded.
'Revelations' - A looping intro slowly sucks you into a trancelike state as percussive and ambient tones fill the space around you. If you close your eyes and let go just enough you can visualize a story unfolding in a dreamlike state.

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